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Thursday, July 23, 2020   /   by Derek Gutting

Where is the Economy heading? Will this be like 2008/2009? Better or Worse?


It is a daily battle to stay educated in these uncertain times; however, it is our responsibility to stay informed so that we can continue to be the resource for our clients and help them make educated decisions.  The agent with the knowledge is who will succeed in this market and come out on top when it passes.  
Is a Perfect Storm brewing or not?  Will this recession / depression be worse than 2008?  Half say YES.. Half say NO.  
Lets take a look.
1) Moratorium on Evictions.  To help tenants, the CARES Act granted this temporary moratorium, but only lasts through July 24th.  20M to 28M people could be displaced from their homes btw July and September.    Some additional help is being offered at the State level.  Indiana has extended the moratorium until JULY 31st and has a COVID 19 RENTAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM, where tenants can apply and if approved, they can receive $50 ...

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