Wednesday, May 22, 2013   /   by Derek Gutting

Hello world!

The Gutting Group is proud to announce the release of our newly designed website. When we decided to update our main site, WWW.GUTTINGGROUP.COM, we realized the design and search tools deserved a new upgrade. So that’s what we did! With our new site, we’re introducing a more streamlined search process, easier navigation, and tons of more information. But we’re aware all these changes might be a little confusing to our returning visitors, so we’ve created a simple “How To” document to show you what changes we’ve made and how you can still access all the things you loved from the old site. Here are some highlights:
For Returning Users
Don’t Panic! All your account information has been transferred over, so you can still access your favorite listings and saved searches from before. To log in to your account, click the “Sign In” tab, conveniently located in the upper right-hand corner of the webpage. A prompt will then ask you toe ...

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