Westfield Real Estate

From a Sleepy Town to a Growing Suburban City

Westfield is one of the most recent areas to be affected by the growth in Hamilton County. Nestled in the northern quadrant, it is located directly north of Carmel. With growth being prevalent, the community has been putting innovation at the forefront. From becoming a city in 2008 to planning a sports complex that will attract tournaments and business far and wide, to a downtown makeover; Westfield is welcoming change and accommodating a variety of activities. In 2013 it made its first appearance on a list of Best Places to Live, which means that others are starting to take notice of this diamond in the rough!

Becoming a City for its Members

If you take a tour of downtown Westfield, you will see the remnants of Small Town, USA. This is changing and will continue to do so in the coming years. The city has approved a plan to create what is called the Grand Junction Park and Plaza. This area promises to be the epicenter of connecting people with art, nature, events, and entertainment. With the creation of this type of venue, Westfield hopes to create a new and deeper sense of community amongst its members. In addition to such a multifaceted complex, Grand Park Sports Campus will bring sports to a new level as well. With 26 diamonds, 31 fields, and 2 indoor facilities, Grand Park’s vision is to give your family an enhanced sports experience while serving the community as a whole. Though Westfield’s future looks bright, currently the community offerings are both fun and family oriented. With the Monon Trail and Cool Creek Park, outdoor activities abound. Also, the main thoroughfare of US 31 is receiving updates all geared toward the current growth. Access to convenient shopping and commutes to work will benefit greatly from the changes.

Schools of the Area

Westfield is home to the Shamrocks of Westfield Washington Schools. Currently it has 6 elementaries, 1 intermediate, 1 middle, and 1 high school. These top performing schools strive to achieve world class learning focused on continual quality growth for your child. As the community grows, there is no doubt the schools will evolve to accommodate.

Area Statistics

The median home value is $254,653 due to homes ranging from more simple designs located in town to luxurious homes in upscale subdivisions, and everything in between. The population of the area is just over 30,000 and growing. The median household income is $86,054.

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